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The expansive floor plans are well designed to meet your every need in life.

  • On-site Resident Advisor

  • Security Cameras covering ALL angles of the property

  • Privacy Fencing

  • Full size Commercial Kitchen

  • Vending Machines (Beverages/Healthy Choice Snacks)

  • Business Center- w/ printer capability

  • Automated Washer/Dryer - Signals phone when wash/dryer completes cycle 

  • Wi-Fi and Hard-Line Cable Service available

  • Accessible parking w/ Car Tags 

  • Comfortable Dayroom to relax and spend some me time


Crescent Luxe Floor Plans


Our newly renovated modern suites bring you enhanced quality of life, above the norm customer service and an inviting environment for academically focused students.

Residents enjoy spacious layouts MUCH bigger than the average dorm:

  • 480 square feet

  • Enclosed Bathroom & Shower

  • Ceiling Fan to include new energy efficient cam lighting

  • 2 Large Windows that enhance natural light for your room

  • Bookshelf w/ seating area

  • XL Twin Bed(s) or Double Bed(s)

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